"Design Sprint" is almost here! come and co-create the future of Kochi

Greetings from GIZ Kochi!

We are reaching out to you in relation to “EnteKochi”, the ongoing participatory planning initiative by the Kochi Municipal Corporation, jointly designed and implemented by GIZ and supported by international consultants Urbanista and Urbz.

As part of EnteKochi under our Sustainable Urban Development – Smart Cities (SUD-SC) project, we are facilitating a series of events focusing on different stakeholder groups, both experts and civil society, as part of the participatory planning outreach in Kochi, Kerala. The idea is to use the events as platforms for creating awareness about participatory processes and to create a dialogue between varying stakeholders on the urban challenges that Kochi faces. So far, we have held neighborhood level consultation workshops supported by our international participatory planning consultants, Urbz, events with architecture students, differently abled residents and children in the city. One of the upcoming events is the Design Sprint, which will be coordinated by international planning consultants Urbanista from Hamburg.

The Design Sprint is a co-creation process which will be synthesizing the results from all the participatory efforts undertaken as part of EnteKochi and will come up with common and specific design approaches for challenges and opportunities identified. In a publicly open working process, everyone is invited to actively join the discussion in the afternoon (public session) or look over the design team’s shoulder during the workday session. The EnteKochi team will produce maps, illustrations, collages or spatial models to illustrate and communicate the results of the neighborhood workshops. The aim is to produce a central exhibition that will then be displayed at the final Symposium and followed by an exhibition at Town Hall from 18th to 19th June, 2019.

The Design Sprint is scheduled to be held at Folklore Cultural Theatre, Fort Kochi. Further details of EnteKochi Design Sprint are mentioned in the table below: